Our Story

Driven by a commitment to the art of pizza making, we start fresh each and every day, using only the freshest ingredients. “Dough, Sauce & Cheese,” it’s deceptively simple (the secret is in the process).

It’s about passion, we just celebrated 10 years! Ten years of working side-by-side with members of our community. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated, loyal staff – you are the life blood of this restaurant.

It’s about gratitude. Thank you to the State of Vermont for helping us through the pandemic. Thank you to the community of customers who continue to support us through your patronage. Thank you to our staff, we love each and every one of you.

It’s about tradition. In 1811, William Jarvis brought a flock of prized Merino sheep from Spain to Vermont. The luxurious fibres of Merino wool are super fine and flexible, making it perfect for the production of clothing and blankets. This began what was known as “Merino Mania,” and the textile mills of New England prospered. At one point in the mid 1800’s, over 1 million sheep lived in Vermont, with a human population of less than 300,000! 

The Bridgewater Woolen Company was formed in 1828 by Benjamin Southgate. At its high point, the Mill employed 150 local workers. The halls of this Mill are filled with the echoes of those hardworking, creative souls. We often think about what life must have been like for you. We raise a glass to the tradition of the common man and the honor of his hard work. Sometimes, at the end of a long shift, we hear you, we feel you, we respect you.